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- The idea is simple...We take donations in the form of instruments and monetary donations. 100% of all donations support getting musical instruments in the hands of Claiborne County's youth.


-  If you have a dusty old instrument that isn't being used, or even one that you can live to part with, please give us a call or e-mail us for details on how to donate.


-  If you would like to donate monetarily please call or e-mail for details.


-  If you have a child or know of one that would like to learn to play any music, but doesn't have access to a musical instrument, please contact us via e-mail or phone.



 -  We realize that this a small town area with real problems, especially in the youth. The excuse we often hear is, "well there is nothing to do here..", this may not be the answer but it could help. If we put just one guitar or keyboard in the hands of a kid that can use it to stay out of trouble, learn discipline, feel accomplished, and most importantly HAVE FUN, then we will have accomplished our goal!